Add Vegetables to Your Diet

It’s a proven fact that vegetables especially green ones like broccoli, Spanish, and cauliflower are quite helpful in marinating or losing weight without exercise. Green vegetables don’t just help with burning belly fat but they are also quite nutritious for a healthy living.

Avoid Eating Sweets & Unhealthy Snacks

Food items that are either sweet or unhealthy are the biggest reasons for weight gain and cutting them off means that you will start losing weight. From fast food and high-carb snacks to sugary desserts and drinks, exclude everything from your diet!

Drink A Lot of Water

Drinking lots of water, particularly at the start of the day is linked to a reduction in weight. Not just water is 100% calorie-free but it also suppresses the appetite if you drink it before a meal.

Limit Your Portion Size

The portion size of the meal you are taking does matter, therefore, if you need to lose weight without doing any workout then limit your portion size. You can use portion plates and bowls to effectively control your portion intake.

Be Stress-Free

Body fat buildup often resulted from higher cortisol levels that are caused by stress and anxiety. You can reduce stress through meditation and other ways to lower your cortisol levels which will eventually result in weight loss.